d30n LLC, Branding and Design, Portland OregonCaldera was in need of a new online presence that created a seamless shopping experience for their site visitors. This was part of a larger initiative by Caldera to give their brand a facelift. The first phase was to create branding for a new line of consumer packaging, and then extend those brand elements to their online services.The end result is a 90 page retail website showcasing Caldera’s catalogue of products.

The Home page has the slider area to funnel customers into the areas most important to their customer base. The spotlights below show product specials and the product selector.



Each product has its own image slider as well as detailed information on what areas each product is ideally targeted to, as well as how to best apply therapy to injured areas.


The product selector gives a site visitor the opportunity to just “click where it hurts” andĀ filters the range of all the Caldera products to see items related directly to their needs.