I was asked to create a logo for the PDX Synth Club here in Portland, Oregon. I created a range of options that had to do with the Northwest and our local surroundings. I also had a few options that were tying back to the synths themselves and this one in particular focusing on synths and the benefits of the Synth Club.

Today’s synths are refined and have evolved beyond a keyboard with some onboard electronics. The new synthesizer is a dedicated module with many knobs and switches that uses patch cables to connect to other dedicated synth modules. Each modular synth has a specific strength and it’s power lies in the ability to be inserted into the array in a linear or non linear fashion.

From my perspective creating music, textures and sonic arrangements on these instruments is a complete mystery, so I wanted to design a mark that featured the patch cables and knobs while positioning the PDX Synth Club as the Mystery School for today’s modern synths. A place where the society of synth geeks pass on their secret knowledge to one another in order to create their special brand of sonic magic.

In addition to the still logos, I created a motion version and teamed up with talented music producer Steve Westbrook AKA Ignatius Music who runs the Buried in Time label and is adept at using modular synths create the sound design for this animated logo.

I also created a simple motion version for social media that is eye catching but not quite as busy as the fully animated version.