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What service do you sell?

I sell creative branding solutions that elevate your brand and reach your target audience resulting in increased profits.

How much do you charge?

Generally no two projects are the same, so we will need to discuss your project needs first in order to determine the scope of deliverables required to meet your project goals. Once I understand your needs I can develop an estimate for your project.

Developing a new brand identity, or website for your business can be a long term investment that continually reaps rewards for your business. If you value good design and understand how profitable it can be, please get in touch so we can discuss your project.

The other guys have a “combo menu”, do you?

No, in order to deliver the best creative solutions possible each project is treated individually in order to provide clients with a unique solution specific to their needs. I don’t rely on canned solutions, and your project won’t be part of an assembly line.

Each projects goals are unique, and once we discuss your project needs I will develop a quote to outline what will be required to fulfill your deliverables.

When can you start?

In order to service my clients properly I usually only take on two to three projects at a time (depending on the size of the project). Depending on my schedule I can either begin immediately or we might have to schedule a start date in the near future.

How long does it take?

The time a project takes from kick-off to completion is difficult to determine. It is really based on what the project is and its size. A small project might take two weeks and while a complex retail website might take 6 months or more to develop.

We’re not in the same city, how will that affect the project?

Thanks to the amazing technology we have at our disposal now, utilizing the phone and email I have been able to work with clients across town, as well as across the Atlantic. The process usually stays the same, only the time zones are different.

How are you paid?

With the majority of my projects I request a 50% down payment in order to schedule your project and get started. The remaining sum is payable upon completion of your project and delivery of your mechanical files.


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