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I’ve been fortunate to build positive working relationships with several clients who were willing to share feedback on our experiences together. Here are some of their comments.



Ned&Errin“We feel that the money we invested into working with Deon was well spent. We worked with Deon to create a logo and a website for our company, Cortez Family Dentistry. Through each phase of the logo process, we waited each Friday with great anticipation to see what Deon had designed. His ability to take our ideas and company goals to create a logo that reflected the company is astounding.

As we worked through the website, he continued to amaze us with fabulous design and layout. Even when we were busy and weren’t able to put the website on our list as top priority, Deon was patient and continued to proceed. His post processing skills for photography were also a tremendous asset. He was able to take the photos we provided and turn them into professional images for the website. We plan to continue to work with Deon as our company evolves and continues to grow.”

– Ned & Errin Walker, Owners of Cortez Family Dentistry



Carlyn “Deon’s communication and professional skills are outstanding. Instead of building a logo and website for me, he built them through me.  By asking on-point questions, narrowing down specific key decisions through understanding my direction, he created my vision.

He is delightful and positive to work with making the process enjoyable, rather than overwhelming. He took each task and detail above and beyond my expectations. Deon’s character sets him as one of the premier graphic and website designers for those who desire customization, professionalism, and passion behind the face of their products.”

– Carlyn Ray, Founder Carlyn Ray Designs Glass Studio



jo“Deon’s work on our website is priceless: it is often our first impression for anyone searching online for our firm. He understands this and works tirelessly to help convey our brand and our mission in an impactful way with every project. He takes the time to listen to our needs before offering solutions in a way that makes the detailed process of creating an effective website seem so simple and effortless. When we redesigned our website to function better on mobile platforms, Deon’s expertise was instrumental in making the process as smooth as possible. I am always impressed by his quick response, fast turn-around times and the amazing quality of his work.”

– Jo Heinz, President and CEO , STAFFELBACH, Dallas Texas.



Ben“Deon Staffelbach is one of the most creative and hardworking people I have ever met. He has an extremely high standard of both artistic and personal integrity as well as an incredible work ethic. Deon’s ability to take in a project idea from an all-encompassing perspective and translate that to a concrete visual reality is exceptional. He has completed several projects for me over the years and has been able to maintain a consistent look and feel across each of those projects while addressing the specific needs that each project has dictated.
I cannot recommend Deon strongly enough!!”

– Ben Milstein, Professional Musician and Instructor



Rena“Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time, High Integrity, Creative. Deon carries all these attributes and more…

I have had the honor to work with Deon on many projects… He always delivers and blows me away at every new project we work on together.
Deon combines vision with impeccability and the ability to take things further then you could have imagined.”

– Rena Jones, Founder Cartesian Binary & Professional Musician



Debra“Deon Staffelbach is an excellent designer and concept artist when it comes to high-tech branding. I have worked with him on many projects over the past 4 years and every single one was a hit with the clients.

I can recommend Deon very highly to anyone looking for great design and also a fast turnaround on projects.”

– Debra Seifert, Principal Debra Seifert Communications



Steve“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Deon on several projects. The experience is always positive and inspiring. He never fails to impress me with fresh ideas. I can always count on him to follow through and bring a project to its end with professionalism and most importantly flawless execution. I hope to work with him again soon!”

– Steve Westbrook, Producer – Buried In Time



Mike“I work with a lot of artists and I am always impressed with Deon’s art, he thinks outside the box and uses his hands and mouse to get the job done, he is passionate about everything he does. I always look forward to the next project with him.”

– Mike Spicer, Producer – Concert of Kings



Zimmerly“In either a very detailed collaborative mode, such as book design, or by giving him complete creative control based on my simple suggestions or ideas…I am constantly impressed by Deon’s professionalism, timeliness and the high caliber design work that emerges from his brain. Our working relationship has spanned two decades and I look forward to the next opportunity to be amazed.”

– Chris Zimmerly, Poet and Hootenanny Founder


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