eCommerce, Retail Website, d30n LLC Portland OregonHunting Unicorns MC – Retail Website

When Faith (the owner of Hunting Unicorns Moto Club) told me about her upcoming clothing brand project I immediately jumped on board. Her idea was to combine her interests in fashion with her love of motorcycles and come up with an edgy female centric brand that can be sold in stores as well as a retail website.


I assisted her in the art direction for the website photography, as well as the original illustrations she commissioned and I also helped with generating some T-Shirt designs based on a few illustrations she that she purchased the rights to. Once the core products had been designed and printed we designed an e-commerce retail website to act as our online point of sale.


Using a popular e-commerce solution we were able to set up an online store and shopping cart to display the products and handle the shipping details.


The store is easily updatable from the client side. It also displays product information important to the customer such as style variations, number of products in stock and shipping information.


Of course the basics are covered as far as all of the expected retail website content goes. I also set up a blog in order to have a hands-on solution for marketing over social media and create a network of potential clients. In addition to that, we linked directly to the Hunting Unicorns MC Instagram account so her most recent images are displayed dynamically on the home page.


Head on over to Hunting Unicorns Moto Club and see if there are any products calling out to you, perhaps an edgy t-shirt is what you need to be inspired this week.