When Mike from Peripheral Bliss told me that the name of their second album would be Nano Fingers, I remembered this photo of an sea anemone that I took at the beach in a tide pool several years earlier. I thought it would make a great image to accompany the album title and the bands music.



This is the back of the information booklet, the front graphic on the booklet is the same as the front fo the CD package. There’s a photo example below.


These are the inside spreads of the booklet.




Here are some photos of the actual printed CD package once it was produced.

PBliss NanoNono-CD-Frnt Nono-CD-Inside Nono-CD-Back

These images are of the booklet once it was printed. Nono-CD-Booklet Nono-CD-Book1 Nono-CD-Inside2 Nono-CD-Inside3Nono-CD-BookBack