d30n LLC, Branding and Design, Portland OregoneSTAFFELBACH needed a template for an e-Newsletter so they could notify their mailing list about new projects and updates about their business. Taking cues from the website design I developed a flexible template that can present information in a variety of ways.

This execution has a short block of intro text, the main image that links back to the website, then room for additional content below.


Here we see the main block of copy can grow to contain a single story with many paragraphs of text. Now there is a balance with the visual weight of the image.

In this example we lead with an image and the single column of text, but the layout has become a long single column containing a vertical timeline. 


The emails continue to use a multi column approach depending on what the content needs are and the overall flexibility of the template have allowed for a creative approach in delivering their branded messages.