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Feeding the hungry has been a decade long mission for Chris Zimmerly who has used poetry and music to create meals for the needy in North Texas. Using events he refers to as Hootenannies to raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank, the Hootenanny events have brought together poets, musicians and artists from North Texas for over a decade to generate roughly 32,000 to 40,000 meals for the hungry in their community.

To make each Hootenanny unique, a commemorative shirt is provided with a donation, a portion of which goes to the North Texas Food Bank.


The 2013 Spring Hootenanny design pays tribute to the organizer’s dog who had become a long time Hootenanny mascot, faithfully attending all of the previous events of the decade before passing away in March.


This visual approach is another example of thinking of terms of printing the highlights instead of the shadows. By using the white screen as an under layer for the colored ink, as well as for printing the image highlights, the black of the shirt becomes a primary color in the design, and the colored ink become background and supportive colors that form the outline of the main image.

Concentrating on the highlights lent itself to being the perfect technique to honor a dog who helped feed so many people.

For another example of this technique, please see this previous Hootenanny design I created.

If you are interested in donating food to the hungry in your community pleaseĀ find a local Food Bank near you.

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