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This shirt was designed for a bi-annual charity event featuring music and poetry that converts group donations into meals for the needy in North Texas and Oregon. The community based charity event called “Hootenannies” gather donations that raise funds for the North Texas and Oregon Food Banks. These charity events have brought together poets, musicians and artists from North Tx. and across the United States for over a decade to generate roughly 33,000 to 41,000 meals for the hungry in their community. To make each Hootenanny event unique, a commemorative shirt is created. The shirt is then provided to those who make a donation. This design for the spring Hootenanny Wildflower Jubilee 2016 was inspired by the history Mirador Ranch in Hico Tx. which has been the Hootenanny Headquarters since the early 2000’s.hootfall2016_05

Several themes were presented for the Fall 2016 event, and we decided to take a departure from the graphic style of the past and go for more of an illustrated narrative encompassing the feel of what it’s like to attend a Hootenanny.


I was able to attend the Spring 2016 Hootenanny in Texas a week before the Oregon event, and I utilized some of the photographs I took in April and applied them to this design. The people around the fire, and the tree line are from photos I took, and the owl and sky are illustrated using smoke and cloud brushes in Photoshop.

This was budgeted to be a 2 color shirt, so I went with white for the smoke and clouds, and a hit of yellow on the fire and the moon. I created a 4 color version for the poster graphic that shows more detail that you can see here.

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