d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, Package DesignCaldera Pet Therapy – Sales Brochure

In order to reach their goals at their upcoming trade show, Caldera needed some sales materials to support the packaging and website for their Hot & Cold Pet Therapy line. I created a sales brochure featuring all of the related products to facilitate orders and show the entire line of product in a single view. The front and back of the brochure feature two of the dog models wearing the product and standing in a natural position.
d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, brochureWhen the cover of the sales brochure is opened, the sales copy is revealed on the inside flap, and the product column showing large products also become visible. We photographed the dogs from a profile view in order to give the best possible understanding of the product.d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, BrochureThe inside of the brochure shows 18 different product views, several gel packs and multiple products that display the basic elements found within each package.d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, BrochureTo learn more about this project, you can view the website here, and the packaging here.