d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, Package Design, Branding and Design Portland OregonCaldera approached me with a large branding project that was under tight time constraints. They needed a package design for 15 individual products in their new Pet Therapy product line as well as a webpage and sales materials within just over 4 weeks.

These products are packaged in soft pouches and sold directly to Veterinarians and Clinicians. Due to direct sales, package designs for retail boxes were unnecessary. Each product has a card detailing the product information and a quick start guide outlining its proper use.d30n LLC, Package Design

Due to the unique nature of each product, it was necessary to have a photoshoot with dogs to model the different therapy wraps and provide examples of how they fit on each sized animal.

d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, Package DesignEach package is designed to accommodate a specific patient and is provided to the pets owner once their animal is discharged after surgery. To provide the Veterinarians a method to keep the packages in order, there is a large field for the dogs name at the bottom. The card folds along the bottom to form a small folder that holds the products in place.

d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, Package Design

Art directing the photoshoot was one of my work highlights of 2015. And as much as I enjoyed my other projects, I’ve never been assigned a shoot with such eager and lovable models.
d30n llc, Caldera Pet Therapy, Package Design

On the back of each product card there is a quick start guide with specific instructions illustrating how to put the product onto your injured pet to make sure it’s providing the most comfort possible to the problem area.

d30n LLC, Technical Illustration

To learn more about this integrated campaign, please see the post about Caldera Pet Therapy’s e-commerce site.