One of my existing clients was kicking off a new recording label named Cartesian Binary and she came to me to help with the branding details. Her main concern was to develop a logo that was original and could be used across a broad range of media. The final sum of our efforts led to this logo that references a cartesian graph by exploring the X – Y – Z spatial planes.


Rena tends to gravitate toward clean design executions so with that in mind I had one design direction. But I also wanted to explore some options based on the cartesian graph and push beyond a flat execution by exploring a logo in 3D space. The lower right execution was the early evolution of the final design.



I wasn’t happy with the hard edges and Rena asked to see some other type and color executions so the next round yielded the final logo as it’s being used today.


Due to the geometric nature of the design I decided to experiment and see if I could make some neat patterns with the logo, I used the pattern to the right on some web designs for Cartesian Binary.



While the Cartesian Binary site was being developed I made this place holder page with the twitter, Facebook and MySpace contact links. I used the hexagonal logo pattern in the background here and in the header of the final website.CartBinWebPlaceHold

The final site is extremely simple, and straight to the point. There are several albums featured, and each spotlight leads to the album purchasing information. To learn more about the Cartesian Binary site, see the post.