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Cortez Family Dentistry Website

After successfully completing their brand mark, Cortez Family Dentistry asked me to help them build a website. It needed to reflected the community of Cortez and focus on their clients concerns. It was also to be used as a platform to offer client testimonials from past clients and dental advice in their blog.

d30n Design Communication , Portland Oregon, Cortez Family Dentistry Website

Each top level page employs an animated banner, as well as landscape photography taken by one of the business owners is used to connect with the regional identity.


Staff bio’s are provided to help the clients feel more at ease. By giving the employees background information clients have an opportunity to meet the staff before booking their appointment.


There are also several pages dedicated to highlighting their services. Details about their microscopes and technology are highlighted so their clients have the best experience possible.


Each section is identified by the combination of brand colors, photography and custom iconography. This helps clearly identify the different types of content in the website.


Relationships with insurance and financial institutions are key. A section of this site is dedicated to financial services and payment options.  Information that serves their customers financial benefit is included so they are able to make the best choice for their family.


As part of the SEO strategy I recommend, the blog page on the Cortez Family Dentistry website is updated regularly. SEO tools are used to craft the content of the blog entries and the content is posted to social networks. This enables them to maintain a first page ranking on Google search queries.


Clear directions to their office, and a form field to contact their business is an essential part of the client experience. By using a large interactive map pointing to their office, they ensure no one gets lost along the way.


Please feel free to visit the Cortez Family Dentistry website. If you live in the four corners area and have a need for dental assistance. They have a caring attitude, and utilize cutting edge technology that differentiate them from a vast percentage of other dentists in the United States.

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