d30n LLC, Branding & Design, Portland Oregon, Deon StaffelbachDallas Glass Art – Responsive Website

Carlyn from Carlyn Ray Designs contacted me to help build a responsive website for her studio Dallas Glass Art to promote classes and workshops. She also needed an e-commerce shop for her production pieces so clients can purchase tickets for her classes or events. The e-commerce shop is also used to donate to the fund raisers Carlyn holds from time to time.

d30n LLC, Branding & Design, Portland Oregon, Deon StaffelbachThe home page provides an overview of her classes and services and focuses on delivering the content that is relevant to students and potential clients. Class descriptions outline the necessary tools and requirements, and each class is linked to the online shop for easy sign up.


At times Carlyn teams up with other artists and galleries to hold fund raisers geared toward assisting those who need medical attention. Together we created a portal that allows artists to donate and auction their pieces to help those in need.2-DGA-FundRaiser

The shop is very dynamic and making updates and changes to product is essential. By using a combination of off the shelf plug-ins to provide the framework and process customer charges, managing inventory is a snap.


It’s important to utilize a blog to leverage the brand in social media these days. Carlyn keeps her customer base informed and engaged by blogging about her events and involvement with the community.


Making a personal connection is always important for a good start. Introducing the primary staff at DGA helps familiarize the students to the teachers before they enter the studio.


When providing in-studio services or classes, contact information is always essential for your customer base. By providing a map and direct email to the studio, Carlyn is keeps in touch with her client base.


Please feel free to visit the Dallas Glass Art website. If you live in Dallas, or are visiting I recommend seeing what classes are available at the studio. You’ll create a lasting memory as well as a work of art.