Design Technik are consultants for acoustics lighting and all things sound and multimedia related. They would create acoustic arrays for spaces ranging from corporate boardrooms, to large churches and popular music venues. I was approached by the founder of Design Technik to develop a business system, and a small website for them, I worked closely with the founder throughout this project. DT-LogoIn addition to creating large spaces Design Technik also focuses on small high-end recording studios as well as some of the equipment within. The target market for Design Technik literally spans from church leaders, to corporate executives, to classic rock icons. In addition to appealing to those markets there was a far reaching plan to eventually brand electronic hardware with the logo as well.

In essence this logo had to work very hard for many types of people and situations, so I explored three varying concepts. The client liked german cars and precision electronics so I took a very clean logotype approach with one direction. I also explored a literal option focusing on sound waves and the technical sonic analysis that he performs when creating venues. The third direction was contrasting a very sober classic typeface with a wild explosive hand drawn typeface appealing to the range of his client base. DT-LogoGroup While building the creative brief, I was asked to explore the color orange because the client was very fond of that color. For example, his car was orange, and I realized that if used properly, this would tie together with the larger overall brand we were creating. Orange-Sample I asked the client to email me a photo of his car, and I sampled several orange swatches from this section of the photo he provided. I applied the sampled oranges to my logo explorations and honed it down to a very vibrant orange that the client was excited about. Once the logo was approved, I created the business system with two sided cards, envelope and letterhead. DT-BuisSystem   I also created a small website that featured a FLASH movie displaying several images of his work. This was used to briefly inform potential clients of their services, and provide multiple ways for them to get in touch. You can visit the Design Technik site by clicking the link above, or the image below. DT-LaptopLead-wht I also developed this little badge to be embedded into emails.


The final element I provided was the guideline for proper usage for the logo outlining proper spacing, colors and typeface for future collateral development.