My client on this project, Greg Owen is a glass artist that uses traditional techniques to create contemporary glass objects from vessels to masks. He is known as G-Man on Fire and he has a large social media following as well as working at the Tacoma Glass Museum in Washington.Greg needed to have some logos made so he could incorporate them into his work by making a stamp to press into molten glass, as well as to create some collateral materials like business cards and t-shirts that he can sell at his shows and to his online audience.I referenced the masks that he has been making to serve as the focal point of the logos I created. One design is asymmetrical and relies on his use of diagonal line and a modern oval face. The second design I created is symmetrical and has a radiating pattern meant to invoke the energy from the furnace where the molten glass is kept in it’s liquid state.The two designs that were chosen are slated to be made into glass stamps so Greg can make pendants, or stand-alone glass “coins”. The first run of T-Shirts are monochromatic and have been a success and they are currently in their second round of printing.