In the fall of 2010 my childhood friend organized a party at his ranch in Texas and unintentionally started a tradition of hosting a bi-annual event to raise funds for the hungry in his community. He called this gathering of artists, poets and musicians the Hootenanny.Each event has been commemorated by creating an original design that was featured on a T-Shirt and the accompanying collateral and has been provided to attendees who were able to make a donation to their local Food Bank.In the fall of 2011 I was invited to create the branding and designs of the Hootenanny event, it was such a success that I have taken the lead role in creating the graphics for the event collateral. I have also integrated my community in Portland, Oregon and I host the Hootenanny events in the NorthWest.Now the designs are produced as either a T-Shirt or Poster which are then provided to those who make a donation for the food bank.In under a decade, the Hootenannies have expanded and now gather donations that raise funds for the North Texas and Oregon Food Banks. To date, these charity events have brought together poets, musicians and artists from North Tx. and Oregon, generating well over 45,000 meals for the hungry in our communities.
These are some of the more popular designs ranging from the early 2000’s to present day.