logoMPowerbM POWER
Prosthetics Development

Power is a prosthetics company in Dallas Tx. and they needed an aspirational logo that expressed the freedom their customers feel after they’ve been helped by M Power.



Piano Teacher / Professional Musician

Ben Milstein is a piano teacher and musician, this logo expresses Ben’s tie to classical music and composition in a tongue and cheek manner.



logoOakStream1OAK STREAM
Financial Investors

This Dallas based investment company needed a logo that conveyed their established history and projected an institutional feel. The mature oak tree provided a message of brand stability and assurance to their customer base.



logoDesignTechnikDESIGN TECHNIK
Acoustics & Lighting Consultants

Design Technik needed a clean brand mark that mirrored their technical refinement. I chose a highly geometric typeface and modified it, combining letterforms to convey efficiency and precision in this logo.




The Portland based band Peripheral Bliss needed a logo that represented their low key style. I silhouetted them to mimic their usual back-lit stage set up.



Visual Art Collective

Sigil Collective needed a mark to represent their process of creating artwork. This logo was created by deconstructing the words “Sigil Collective” and creating the primitive character from the letter forms.





Be Market Driven was a side-project business group of several individuals who started producing knowledge based materials and were in need of a brand mark that would identify the broad range of collateral they were producing.



logoBuddhaHandBUDDHA HAND
Massage Therapist

This was for a massage therapist who needed to establish a logo and business system. This was my favorite of the many logos I presented although it was not her final choice. It represents all of the elements and references old alchemical wood-cut prints as well.



Record Label & Distribution

This mark for Cartesian Binary was built on a grid and shows the corner of a cartesian graph with x-y-z co-ordinates present in the final mark.




This was one of several designs created for a fledgling clothing retail brand.



logoNoiseXT.jpgNOSIE XT
Test and Phase Noise Measurement

Noise XT competes in the highly competitive market of electronic test equipment. They help develop phase noise systems to measure electronic signals and frequency synthesis to enhance radar receptivity for military and aerospace applications. They needed a logo that matched their technical expertise and could be recognizable when placed on their hardware products.



logoOakStream2OAK STREAM
Financial Investors

This is one of the logos that was developed for Oak Stream based on an early brief where they wanted to be positioned in a more contemporary light. It wasn’t right for their target market in the end, but I like the way this turned out.



logoSoulTechnology.jpgSOUL TECHNOLOGY
Technology Group

This logotype was created for a technology group that would experiment with electronics and music development.



logoStudioGSTUDIO G
Yoga & Metabolic Typing

Created for Greg Owen at Studio-G he needed a logo for his yoga and metabolic practice that bridged the gap between strength and elegance. The connected type in the word ‘studio’ reference the way Aribic letterforms flow together.




This project was an exercise in creating a mark that could be printed in a single color, as well as have the option of being die-cut from a sheet of paper.