Caldera International attends several winter shows a year and they realized that an updated presence for their booth was required. They decided to double the size of their booth, so I presented several concepts that would help them deliver a memorable brand image at the shows. It was decided that their product – the NX4 neck warmer, was going to be the focus of their promotion, so a 10′ x 20′ booth and two podiums were designed with that product in mind.CalderaBannerSkis

d30n also identified the opportunity to develop some free standing elements, so we created a floor banner and a product display as well. One of the concepts I originally presented was to create a product display made from a pair of skis or a snowboard. Caldera loved the idea, and we had the display with skis fabricated at a local shop. The skis have pegs on each side so the NX4 product is visible from all directions, and in order to facilitate shipping, the skis are removable from the snowy base.


One final element I developed to increase brand awareness for Caldera was a sticker that they could use as a give-away at trade shows and events, or place within their product packages.