Staffelbach – Website Rebrand

Early in 2016 I started discussing a website rebrand with the principals of Staffelbach Design Associates. Based on the technological advancements that have occurred since developing their last website, and the broad adoption of mobile devices in that time period it was time for an update.


One of my primary design concerns was how to maintain the feel of the current website while presenting it in a completely different format more suitable for mobile technology.3-people


All pages were carefully considered in how they would translate into the new responsive website. In the initial rounds several options were presented  to illustrate the subtle differences of execution and how it would affect different users.4-peoplespotlight

Approximately 100 pages were created for the new website. Several pages of content from the previous site were refined in order to focus on critical information and their vast history of amazing client work.

Almost fifty projects have been uploaded and cross referenced with the awards and recognition that the project received.7-ourwork

Each project has a large image gallery, and those that have won an award, or have deeper content such as a video or press release have a sidebar linking to that information so the user can get a better understanding of the project history.8-projectspot

The good thing about being in business for 50 years is that there is a long history of media and news reports to share with online visitors. The difficult thing is deciding how many years of media to share with their online viewers.  We decided a five year look into the history of news and magazine articles, PR reports and videos would be suitable to provide a clear picture of recent successes.9-2014-news

News Items and Press Releases are set up in a similar manner. Articles from each year are divided chronologically making them easy to navigate.10-2014-pressreleaseWhile most of the magazine articles link directly to the media source, the PR reports drill down into deeper information with related images and PDF reports that can be downloaded.11-2014prspot

The videos are all posted to YouTube, then embedded within the page to provide multiple outlets and opportunities of public interaction. 12-video

A new addition to the website is the Community page. By utilizing a blog format Staffelbach can share how they are interacting with their employees, and how they contribute to charitable organizations.13-community


Of course no website would be complete without proper directions for visitors, and a form field to reach out to their internal administrator.15-contact