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Today d30n LLC and Hootenanny NW made a donation of approximately 300 meals to the hungry in our community through the Oregon Food Bank with proceeds raised in exchange for the latest Hootenanny shirt.


I’ve been helping design graphics for a great organization in North Texas that has been hosting bi-annual poetry and music events to raise donations for the North Texas Food Bank since 2012, and this year we’ve started to make the first inroads into officially bringing the Hootenanny to the Northwest.


I acquired several shirts from the most recent Hootenanny event that occurred in Texas on the first of November, and gave a select few people in Portland Or. the opportunity to make make a donation in exchange for the shirt. The end result generated approximately 300 meals for the Oregon Food Bank to distribute to the hungry in our community.


We’ll be working on ways to make the Hootenanny shirts available to a wider Portland audience in hopes that our donations to the Oregon Food Bank increase in 2015. I appreciate everyone who has generously donated to the Hootenanny NW initiative and I look forward to being able to make a larger contribution to our community in 2015. It’s very rewarding to be able to use my design skills to help community members who find themselves in need. Do you know of an artist or designer who helps their community via their creative practice, I’d like to hear about it – leave a comment and let me know.

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