Caldera International produces therapy wraps and active lifestyle products to aid in personal comfort. They were in need of packaging for a new line of elite sport wraps – the XT-360® Therapeutic Sport Wrap. This would require product branding as well as influence their current brand.


The XT-360 is a product specially developed for elite athletes, one of the project goals was to develop a sub-brand for Caldera’s current product line that appealed to a more athletic market in order to move the product line from drug stores, into sporting goods and athletic stores. The existing Caldera brand had to be maintained and it was critical that their signature red and blue colors were integrated into the design to maintain overall brand consistency. With the details of the design brief outlined, the XT-360 brand mark was developed along with several options for a package design. After our review, the client chose to go with the dramatic black packaging.


We had a small focus group weigh in on the designs, and after hearing their feedback we made some relevant changes and nailed down the overall design direction, the remaining three package designs were developed which required a photo shoot to display the products on models. The final text and product specifications for each product were delivered, and the information across the product line was unified across all packages.

Each package has extensive information related to the individual therapy wrap. Multiple images of models showing product placement are presented on the front of the package, while product detail photos are on the top and back.




An icon set was developed to show the varied sports that would benefit from using this sport wrap, and a graphic representation of a person on the opposite panel shows the ideal target areas for the specific wrap and this ties back to the product selector functionality on their website. Each package also has a QR link so the customer expand their shopping experience and learn more information via a smartphone or tablet.